Our core logging offer

Elyteq is able to supply all the equipment required for mud logging and core logging activities

What is Core Logging ?

Our offer is a process used in geology and engineering to assess the geological and geotechnical characteristics of rock formations. It involves visually examining and describing rock samples obtained from drilling. Technicians record information such as lithology, texture, color, fractures, and porosity. It provides valuable insights for various applications, including mining, petroleum exploration, and foundation engineering.

Products available :

Elyteq possesses the essential resources and specialized knowledge to conduct comprehensive geological analyses of core samples. For the coring monitoring service, Elyteq provides :

  •  A designated area consisting of a cabin measuring 8 meters in length and 2.50 meters in width
  •  A PVC tent. 
  •  A core table
  • Core boxes
  • All the necessary tools and equipment.