Wellsite Geologist

Elyteq is able to provide wellsite geologist services of the highest quality.

What service do we offer?

Thanks to our extensive expertise in the drilling industry, we provide skilled professionals capable of analyzing and interpreting geological data from your drilling operations. They are ready to support you and provide valuable insights to optimize your operations.

1- In-depth knowledge of the French subsurface:

Our team has extensive experience and a deep understanding of the French subsurface. This includes knowledge of specific geological formations, lithology, potential reservoirs, and region-specific geothermal conditions.

2- Analysis and interpretation of drilling data

Analyzing drilling data is one of our team’s key skills. Using advanced tools and technologies, they examine rock samples, well logs, seismic records, and other relevant data. Their expertise enables them to determine lithological composition, petrophysical properties, and geological characteristics of encountered formations.

3- Fluid detection and well problem monitoring:

Our wellsite geologists are trained to detect fluids and monitor well-related issues. Their ability to identify these key signals allows for quick and effective decision-making to optimize well production.


4- Geological risk prevention:

Geological risk prevention is another skill our wellsite geologists possess. They continuously monitor geological parameters such as formation pressure, well stability, and geomechanical changes. By anticipating potential geological risks, they contribute to the safety and sustainability of drilling operations.

5- Communication and collaboration:

In addition to their technical skills, Elyteq’s wellsite geologists have strong communication and collaboration abilities. They work closely with drilling teams, reservoir engineers, and other industry professionals.