We give the highest priority to health, safety and the environment (HSE) when making business decisions. Therefore, no business objective is so important that it will be pursued at the sacrifice of these three fundamental areas.
HSE policy and performance are the cornerstone of our company’s success.

HSE risks and Impacts

All health and safety hazards and risks as well as environmental aspects and impacts arising from our activities, products, procedures and services are identified, assessed, prioritized and controlled.

Our strategy

  1. Firstly, comply with relevant legislation, regulations and industry standards;
  2. Secondly, establish and regularly review health, safety and environmental targets and objectives;
  3. Moreover, involve, motivate and communicate to all employees compliance with all health, safety and environmental standards;
  4. Monitor the effects of our activities on the environment and respect emissions, discharges, waste, energy consumption… ;
  5. Identify actions for future improvement of HSE performance;
  6. Assess and control risks;
  7. Delay or stop activities where effective controls are not in place.

Our HSE Policy

Respect for the people and the environment is a permanent concern at all levels within the Company.

Security of people

We believe all industry-related injuries and illnesses are preventable. Continuously strive to improve the health and safety of all employees, contractors and third parties involved in our activities that are part of our business.

The company identifies areas for improvement, abnormal behaviour and implements effective corrective actions.

To reinforce our commitment to promoting safe work practices and a safe work environment, we ensure that employees receive appropriate training, instructions, supervision and feedback for the tasks they are expected to perform.

Health of the environment

Maintaining an excellent reputation for environmental protection is essential for us.

Our operations are fully planned and executed so that environmental effects are either eliminated or minimized to an acceptable level through policies and procedures.

Through teamwork, we focus on maintaining a clean environment. We are also concerned about protecting the workplace from unintentional contamination.

Through everyone’s active attitude, we strive to maximize recycling, reuse and reduction to achieve our environmental goals.